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Simo Hakkarainen , Business Director DELTABEAM®

★ Build Environment GAME CHANGER ★ Business Director DELTABEAM® ★ Faster, Safer and Sustainable ★ MBA, Eng.&Arch. ★ Being a GAME CHANGER in construction market in multiple tasks has given me valuable experiences in field of sales, architectural and structural design (BIM), project and site management and business development and strategy. I see that in construction industry we all - investors, designers, material producers and contractors - should focus to the people and functions that houses build are build for. Worked with multiple materials I see that they all have they advantages in buildings so lets look over this borders inside the industry! Additionally I see value selling the way to make benefits concrete for customers. International collaboration and partnerships are in my interests and having advantage of working and studying in many countries has given me lot of experiences of cultural differencies. In the future I want to be game changer towards more sustainable construction markets and understand customer values more - long term lifecycle, circular economy and safety are something I like to promote. I see everyday as an option to learn new things and develop myself. On free time I like outdoor activities, reading or just enjoy my time with family as the working weeks are quite busy - currently I am running interesting international business with DELTABEAM® in Peikko Group Corporation - true FORERUNNER in construction markets over 50 years! #Fast#Safe#Effecient Keep in contact if you get interested!

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