Hybrid City Cantilevered building


The wooden buildings integrate perfectly into the natural environment improve the landscape and perhaps also the quality of the natural environment which is very often in conditions of abandoned degradation without vegetation. Inserting a wooden building in an urban context is more complicated since the buildings present have a reinforced concrete structure and are huge with great architectural impact so the wooden building becomes a reference point improves the urban quality favors the insertion of greenery eliminating those forms of social unease typical of degraded urban areas. The designed building has cantilevered parts which, due to problems of stability and structural dynamics, have been appropriately supported with pillars improving the architecture of the building.

Key benefit

It is a modular building with a 4.80x4.80 module assembled in plan and height, easy to build, the monolithic nature of the space module allows the construction of cantilevered parts in structural safety.

Material list

Panel and beam KERTO LVL

Ecological values

It is a wooden building of high ecological value that integrates perfectly into natural environments and urban contexts where it gives back to the neighborhoods that environmental connotation that improves urban quality by eliminating forms of degradation due to obsolete buildings, it also favors the inclusion of green areas . The building is zero-energy or via renewable energy sources such as wind obtained with mini wind turbines placed on the roof at a height of 20 m, and a photovoltaic system on a canopy for parking cars can meet the building's energy needs for electricity and heating. The precaution is to use silent and small wind turbines as there could be problems with noise pollution. Attention was paid to energy saving by introducing a layer of insulation in the panel so that the overall transmittance of the wall is equal to 0.19W / m2 * ° K in accordance with international regulations. The building becomes of great environmental value if our wood consumption is balanced by the planting of new trees, reforestation policies in contrast to deforestation that create hydrogeological instability and forest fires should become part of the programs of each government and of the culture of each human being.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties 5.26 R 0.19 U



  • Cantilever wall: There will be some high lifting forces, which need anchoring down, as well as rigidity in the frame is required. With Kerto-Q or LVL-C panels this is possible, but will need careful consideration at load concentration points. There are similar projects already built, but with 3 storeys maximum. Shelter: The shelter will require some stability bracing.
  • A very interesting multi-storey building in modular construction. The material-efficient use of LVL elements can be seen very well.
  • I see two distinct ideas in the post: the hybrid city and the 2-storey building; and the cantilever wall. First might be a promising and inspiring idea: modular building is a perfectly compliant market for LVL products. Especially the sizes perfectly exploit the dimensions of 2.4m wide Kerto LVLQ-panel. The cantilever wall also exploits the stiffness of LVL-C panels. The question of openings in such walls is key, as well as the supports design. I made such in the past, and those were the key details to take care about.


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