Finnframe roof system


FinnRoofs are a complete package of pre fabricated, fully insulated roof panels. The system is made up of three pre fabricated elements:- Wall (Spandrel) Panels – These are wall panels that fill the space between the roof and the masonry wall below which give support to the purlins of the roof and the ceiling panel. They include load bearing cripple studs positioned below the purlins of the roof. Ceiling Panel – This element provides a ceiling within the “Room in Roof” and is also integrated with the purlins of the roof. It is also used as a working platform when the roof is being installed. Roof Panels – Are Insulated panels made from Finnjoists and Kerto which are the final piece in the puzzle

Key benefit

Quick installation, Low U values, flexibility,

Material list

Wall Panels (Spandrel Panels)
Studs – CLS 38mm x 89mm
Cripple Studs – Kerto S 45mm x 90mm
Bottom Plate – CLS 38mm x 89mm
Top Plates – CLS 38mm x 89mm
Roof Panels
Minimum Depth of Rafter – 220mm
Edge Rafters of Each Panel – Kerto LVL Q 30mm
Trimmers Around Openings – I Joist
Headers around Openings – I Joist
Width – 2.4m preferred size but can be up to 3.1m when circumstances require.
Ridge Plate – Kerto LVL Q 30mm – Depth Depends on size of rafter
Kerto LVL S Bearing Plate – Kerto LVL S 45x300

Ecological values

Maximise roof space living area • Safer Construction, little working at height • Wind and watertight in 1 day • Less onsite skill required, offsite manufacture offers higher quality product • Reduce cold bridging • All details with assessed PSi values • Reduce air leakage • Only 2 purlins per roof required; size dependent on span



  • Economical span (mm) 6000
  • Thickness (mm) 240
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class 30 R
  • Thermal properties 7.14 R 0.14 U



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  • A very short construction time due to a high degree of prefabrication is achieved by a simple and economical timber construction technique. Even with large wall or roof size sections depending on requirements of energy efficiency and load bearing structure, high dimensional stability is given. This cannot be achieved by using conventional solid wood products.


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