Hybrid City Challenge winners announced

The results offer solutions to improve both sustainability and efficiency

In an urbanizing world, we face the ever-growing need for housing. We need to build millions of new buildings while simultaneously taking care of the environment. Wood is the only major construction material that stores carbon. This is why we need to use more of it. 

However, this cannot sacrifice efficiency. We need to support construction companies to use more wood by creating elements, modules and concepts that fit the way they construct today – and to make wood, steel and concrete work as one.

This is why we created the Hybrid City Challenge.

The competition organised by Metsä Wood and Open Source Wood called for ways to make construction more sustainable, while maintaining efficiency using current building methods. The answer lies in hybrid construction: modular construction practically combining wood and other construction materials. The Hybrid City Challenge gathered some 40 ideas from 22 countries. 

The winners

1. prize €10,000

2. prizes €5,000 each
Alexandra Road Estate Reimagined by Frederick Pittman 

The press release 30.6.2020
Hybrid City competition results offer solutions to improve both sustainability and efficiency

Learn more about Hybrid City at planb.metsawood.com.

All the competition entries

A Pattern Building in Turu 21, Estonia
Combined Concrete and Timber frame construction.
Composite Concrete - Kerto floors
Habitat 67 Montreal
Hybrid Azadi Tower
Hybrid City Cantilevered building
Hybrid City, Arts Center
Hybrid Floor Element and Ground Screw Foundation
Hybrid Housing
Hybrid solution - DELTABEAM® with Timber Slim Floor Solution
Inner city facade
IVY (Hybrid city)
Kerto - econtainer
Kerto Composite (Hybrid City)
Koncept transformation typical 5 floor finish house. LOUHI gibrid house.
Metsawood Hybrid City Challenge - Alexandra Road Estate Reimagined
Nicolas Frame
pine cone Tower
Plug-In City
Prefabricated LVL block-building
Prefabricated Modular Elements for nZEB Energy Renovation of Buildings Stock
prefabrication buildings with a wooden facade
RE-CODING Smart Building
Reverse Arches (Hybrid CIty)
Rising from the ashes
Roof Terrace Forum Confluentes, City of Koblenz, Germany
SPANBOIS Hybrid City Challenge
The Reincarnation: " Deficiency to Efficiency", A Biophilic Design and Time Based Ownership as Future Habitation
The Timber Age
Timber Photovoltaic Shade Shelter/Traffic light/Road sign.
What if we apply Le Corbusier’s 5 principles to modular timber buildings?
WHAT IF… New York´s SEAGRAM Building was a HYBRID building
Villa Mokum, mostly wood, some steel and a concrete base.
Z-W Building Facade