3D design objects

Open Source Wood 3D design objects for BIM and CAD software

Metsä Wood's Open Source Wood Initiative and ProdLib, a free library of 3D design models, join forces to make the latest innovation in wood-based construction easily available. With ProdLib library, you can now download the elements available on Open Source Wood to your design software.

Design objects are available on the Reviewed ideas -page and on ProdLib

Design Tools


The following software are supported currently.

  • ProdLib – a digital  product library from leading manufacturers. It provides thousands of 3D design objects available in the most popular BIM and CAD software formats.
  • AutoCAD

  • ArchiCAD

  • Revit

  • SketchUp

  • Finnwood – Metsä Wood's calculation software for beams and columns made of Kerto®LVL. Read more and download Finnwood

Users can also suggest to add new tools when sharing their ideas. 


What does the Tools -section do?

Tools section helps designer find right tools for using and further developing solutions shared on Open Source Wood platform.

Tools -section lists the softwares in which the idea can be directly used. The highlighted software can have a direct add-on/plugin, link to an external document library or downloadable design documents available in a supported format.

I would like to share my design to others on Open Source Wood. How do I add my CAD materials to my idea?

Different CAD/BIM models can be added directly to the idea when submitting it or later by editing the idea page. Material can be attachment files or link to e.g. a material library. Supported softwares are listed above and in the idea sharing page. In case your preferred software or file format is not yet supported, you may request to add it on the idea share page or contact administrators at opensourcewood@metsagroup.com.  

Why are some ideas in ProdLib while others are not?

Ideas and material can be published on ProdLib-library when the idea has been supported by three experts and thus found from the Reviewed -section.  All ideas in ProdLib have to have CAD/BIM design material attached. Open Source Wood administrators can assist creating CAD/BIM materials.   

I have shared my design before on Open Source Wood. Can I add my CAD files or 3D drawings to the idea?

Yes. Adding new documents and tools to the idea is possible and we encourage to keep developing on the ideas on the platform. These changes can be done by navigating to the specific idea and going to Edit Idea.