How does it work?


The FIND elements section contains modules, elements, components and ideas the Open Source Wood members have shared. You can download and use the designs completely for free. You can also develop the designs further and share your own, improved version. As a registered user you can also share your thoughts about the designs by liking or commenting the designs you find interesting.

The elements are divided into three sections:

New: Here you’ll find the newest ideas that haven’t been reviewed by Metsä Wood’s experts yet.
Reviewed: If three experts agree that the idea is viable for building, we will make detailed description of it and make the element available at the “REVIEWED” section.
Rewarded: These designs are particularly good. Our experts have selected the rewarded designs. Here is some more information about the rewarding process.



Share wooden elements / modules

You are invited to share designs of elements and modules. These elements/modules can be big or small, 100% wood or only partly wooden. Simply go to the “Share Innovation” section of this website, register and follow the instructions. It is easy.

Share even if you only have a preliminary idea

Not everything has to be perfect from the start. You can get valuable feedback from the Open Source Wood community and develop your idea further.

Share at any time.

Open Source Wood is not a competition. There is no deadline. You are welcome to share at any time and we will take a look at your idea right away.

Share also hybrid elements / modules

We are not saying everything should be built with wood. Wood should can be used in hybrid buildings together with other construction materials. We also welcome element or module designs that use wood only partly.


Review process
Once you have shared your idea, our experts will analyze your proposal and give you feedback. If three expert agree that the idea is viable for building, we will make detailed description of it and make the element available at the “REVIEWED” section.

Reviewed: What does it mean?
Reviewed means that it can be built and the characteristics shown at the site are true. However, the engineering for each house / building need to happen separately OSW does not guarantee the performance of any element ….


Metsä Wood rewards innovative element / module designs that use Kerto LVL as main material. These rewards are typically 5.000€ or 10.000€. The rewards are not time bound: Whenever we see a great design is share on Open Source Wood, it is eligible for a reward. The rewarded participants will be informed personally.


Open Source Wood offers a great opportunity to connect with other experts. By sharing your knowledge about wood construction you can build your own reputation and develop a network of professionals from all over the world.

You can also look for specific contacts: Maybe someone to help you with structural design or a new potential customer.


Open Source Wood is a community of professionals  who believe in wood as a building material. It is possible to contribute in several ways to the growth of modular wood construction. You can for example write an article or a reference story, share your thought on a Talking Wood video or help organize a local hackathon event. If you are interested in contributing in some way, please send as an email to and describe your idea.


Our experts will answer your questions. Simply ask a question at the “GET SUPPORT” section or in twitter using  #opensourcewood.

We are building a community based on openness, therefore all questions and answers are public. All questions made in twitter are also published at the OSW “GER SUPPORT” section.