Cafe and Exhibition Space in Paenu, Estonia


The project name M3 stems from 3 main modular elements that make up the building structure. It is a pilot project proposal in Paenu, Estonia, in line with Metsaewood birch plywood mill in the city. The 3 main modular elements are M1, M2, & M3, with M1 having a trapezoidal shape, M2 rectangular shape and M3 having a rectangular form inclined at 45 degrees, hence cantilevered. The combination of these 3 modules form the design structure having a total surface area of 70 m2. The modular elements are sized to accomodate easy transportation. The construction is simple, easy and quick. The project with a compact configuration comprises of a Cafe on the Ground Floor and an Exhibition Space on the Upper Floor. The Cafe provides space where visitors can have a little break from the hustle and bustle of work and city life. The design of the Cafe with its retractable folding doors provides a welcoming ambience especially during the summer periods. The Exhibition Space displays different types of wood samples and literature to inform the public on the importance of wood as a construction material.

Key benefit

A platform to exhibite wood and modular construction systems as a building alternative that tackles climate change

Material list

Roof Element from the top
- Roofing material, - Breathing membrane
- Kerto-Q LVL Panels, - Finnjoist FJI, - Thermal insulation mineral wool based on U value, - Vapour barrier, - Fermacell plasterboards.

Wall Elements from out - Thickness = 34.55 cm
Rw= 49 dB
- Kerto-Q closure, - Leno, - Thermal insulation mineral wool, - Finnjoist FJI, - Kerto-Q closure panel, - F30-B Fire rated plasterboard. - U value 0.17 W/m2K, -

Floor elements from top
- Fermacell floor screed, - Mineral Fibre impact sound insulation, - Fermacell Lime Splitter Floor Screed, - Keto-Ripa Intermediate Floor Elements, - Spring rail, - Fermacell plasterboards
- Rw(dB) for Airborne Sound (FJI Depth) = 79dB
- Ln, w for Impact Sound 38 dB

Ecological values

- Building with wood is energy efficient - It has an exceptionally high thermal insulation value that saves energy - It provides an enormous design and architectural flexibility in floors and facade - It's cheaper and the prefabrication process reduces construction time.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB) 38
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties 10 R 0.1 U



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  • This is a really interesting structure. The main part cantilevers out over centre of the section. With the column at the back, which is most likely in tension, the upper floor in the front of the building is kept almost floating above the ground floor. The back column requires a large foundation to counter weigh the front. 3 major steel beams cantilever out to support the inclined walls. With the large sliding/folding door at the front a minimum deflection of the structure is required to ensure the doors open without force. Although highly insulated with deep walls of FJI and Kerto, the ratio of surface to volume is high which means increased energy costs. However, the exhibition space gives views both from the upper floor inside, as well as from the ground floor on the outside with its inclined walls and windows.


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