Our building concept aims at building large autonomous and floating neighbourhood size developments in coastal and riverside areas. Floating buildings are made of reinforced concrete hulls with water ballast on top of which are superimposed three levels of constructions: one technical level under water line; one working and living level above; one green gardening and farming at rooftop level. Concrete hulls are chosen for durability and maintenance purposes as well as cladding and roofing materials which should sustain very harsh marine conditions. 3D modules and building kits are prefabricated in mobile and industrial facilities such as large factory ships. BIM process would be fully implemented in building design and fabrication of building kits. Say one dwelling is made of 4 3D modules then one factory ship of only 4000 units may potentially prefabricate and carry all 1400 3D modules necessary to build a 350 apartments development. 3D modules are craned off the factory ship directly on concrete hulls and connected to each other in order to make housing buildings. 3D modules structure is made exclusively of Kerto panels for walls, floor and roof as well as Kerto posts and beams. These novel Kerto modules dimensions are: 3m large, 9m long and 2.7m high. Kerto module envelope is covered with rigid fire resistant thermal materials. And waterproofed with ventilated cladding panels and roofing material. Contact: Team 2 Hackathon Nantes: Rémi Thépaut Mathilde Godard Floris Marchais Christophe Henry

Key benefit

Massive nomadic prefabrication

Material list

Kerto Q 45mm walls 9mx3m
Kerto Q 75mm portal frames 3mx2.7m
Kerto S 75mm floor slabs 9mx2.7m
Kerto S 45mm roof 9mx2.7m
Kerto S 75x320mm beams 9m long
Kerto S 75x200mm posts 3m high

Ecological values



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