Biobased prefab wall panels


Biobased prefab panels were developed during the Garage48 Future of Wood Hackathon 2021 by Strawall team together with NOMAD architects. Strawall is a prefab construction panel that can be used to construct walls of various types of buildings. It's main components are Kerto LVL (Q and T) frame which is filled with straw and covered in clay render. The Kerto LVL frame not only optimizes the amount of wood used in the construction but also enables high modularity of the panel since it's dimensions have been matched with the 369 Pattern Buildings system and therefore can be used to hang on new stand alone modules as well as on multi-storey timber buildings. Furthermore, the connection method of the facade panel which uses Rothoblaas Lock hook connector allows attachment not only to timber construction (Lock T) but also concrete (Lock C) frame buildings which allows the panel to be used in renovations and refurbishments of post-war housing. As such, the panel becomes a sustainable and biobased alternative to the current carbon and waste intensive practices. Even more, the use of hook connectors allows not only easy attachment of the panel but also easy demounting of the panel in future if such need arises. The panel then could be either hooked on a building extension, on a new different construction or disassembled at the end of its life. The clay and straw can be returned to nature and the used connectors and timber elements used in further construction works. As such, the concept of the panel aligns also with the concepts of circular economy in the construction sector. The modularity and structural rigidness of the panel allows it to be either installed on ready made modules in factory or on site. Lastly, since the interior side of Strawall is clay rendered already in the factory and exterior side covered with wood fibre wind protection board (as well as optional cladding), the on site finishing works can be drastically reduced compared to other straw construction methods.

Key benefit

Easy and fast installation and demounting of panels, adaptability to various types of buildings, carbon storage.

Material list

Local compressed straw bales
Locally sourced clay
Kerto LVL T-stud
Kerto LVL Q-panel
Wood fibre
Rothoblaas Lock T or Lock C hook connector

Ecological values

As a prefabricated panel, the Strawall reduces construction and demolition waste, furthermore, the crack resistance of clay render is achieved by mixing in leftover straw fibres which aligns with zero waste construction manner. The use of timber frame and straw allows to store in the building the carbon those materials have sequestered during their growth and therefore acting as a potential long term carbon storage. Since clay and straw can be sourced locally, the overall transport emissions can be lowered.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm) 450
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB) 56
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class 90 R
  • Thermal properties 10 R 0.1 U





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