LVL stairs in a hybrid building


Prefab staircase are composed of straight blocks of stairs and landing slabs. Those elements are heavy and can account up to 5 tons. This means that a limited number of precast stairs can be transported per truck to site, max 3-4 elements. Craning and assembling on site are even not so easy. Using similar prefabricated Kerto LVL elements may reduce the transport rotation and facilitate craning and assembling. Kerto prefab stairs for multi-storey buildings is an interesting element that could replace heavy prefab concrete stairs. Using Kerto LVL for this would simplify prefabrication and will make it faster, lighter and greener. Basically for 1 level we need twice same stair blocks composed of 27x200mm Kerto LVL pieces and 1 landing slab of 1250 x 3000mm prefabricated as a screwed ribbed floor slab. This means approx. 0,5m3 = 255 kg of Kerto LVL per level. We could imagine to load up to 16 stairs/levels per truck. The best optimization can be found when no fire safety is required, however fire resistance can be given by thicker Kerto LVL slabs and steps.

Key benefit

Lighter stair structures

Material list

Stair risers in Kerto LVL S-beams 27 x 200mm for a 1250mm wide element

Stair steps in Kerto LVL Q-panels 27 x 200mm for a 200mm wide x 12500mm long step

Stair edge stringers in Kerto LVL S-beams 27 x 200mm

Landing slab 1250 x 3000mm as a floor cassette made of 3 Kerto LVL S-beam 51 x 200mm ribs and on top plate in Kerto LVL Q-panel

Ecological values

Hybrid constructions may open new ways to improve sustainability globally. Finding elements or building systems that suit traditional construction is an important topic to work on. We need to share local ideas and innovation. Reducing fossil based solutions by adding bio-based material such as Kerto LVL will enable faster, lighter and greener constructions. Staircase Weight reduced Transport rotation reduced 389kg of CO2 stored per stair level



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



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