LVL ribbed slab support external masonry wall above cold basement


Large prefabricated floor element which can span as single or as multi span load bearing floor element. Elements are manufactured with RIPA technology or a local, national gluing regulations for structural gluing of ribs and top slabs. The ribs and slabs are made of LVL which are glued together with structural glue.

Key benefit

Highly cost efficient elements with less material consumption to achieve long spans compared to other engineered wood products. Environmentally sound and highly sustainable.

Material list

See attached PDF Component catalogue Kerto-Ripa ribbed slab.
Element dimensions dependent on span and load.

PDF file tender texts in German (Ausschreibungstexte) stored under documents.

Ecological values

Kerto LVL is an environmentally friendly and engineered wood product that can be used as a construction material that stores carbon into the buildings.



  • Economical span (mm) 25000
  • Thickness (mm) 374
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB) 77
  • Impact sound transmission (dB) 45
  • Resistance to fire class 30 R
  • Thermal properties





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