Tomorrow Panel


From prefabricated single family house to modular city - Innovation by function - With the growing population and the need to reduce the human impact on Earth, urban densification is emerging as a solution to current and future housing crises. In the near future, the typical single-family house will be prefabricated from a factory, as it is for the other consumer goods. The Tomorrow Panel is a box panel that can achieved either wall or floors which reduce the distinction between vertical and horizontal element. Its hybrid function allows great adaptability. Each Tomorrow Panel has a rating to certify its structural performance. With the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling), the inventory of products inside a building is possible. Furthermore, the city knows the various materials available in its building stock and uses this valuable information to plan its urbanisation. At the end of its life, when the single-family house erected with the Tomorrow Panel become obsolete, the house is deconstructed and reassembled according to the structure that will meet the new urban needs. It could be a new home, rebuilt inside a mega-structure that vertically combines dozens of homes. A densification of residential areas is thus created. The Tomorrow Panel, due to its planar shape, is also a solution of choice to create footbridges connecting different buildings in the city. With the new high-rise apartment buildings built with the Tomorrow Panels, the need for improved mobility is felt. Bridges make it possible to link living, leisure and work environments. Their height eliminates the inconvenience of high-speed traffic congestion on lower urban floors. Life perched on the bridges is pleasant for pedestrians and promotes social exchanges. The Tomorrow Panel uses products in Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and more specifically those of the Kerto family. The structural core of the box is manufactured using a 27mm x 200mm Kerto S frame spaced 400mm apart. The cover panels are made of Kerto Q, 27 mm thick. The outside panel and the core will be glued together. A span of 7.5 m is achievable for this type of box. The Tomorrow Panel also have high shear capacity and stiffness which is an important property to resist wind load and earthquake. It must be noted that the dimension of the product can be change in order to meet the structural need. The connection between panel will be done with steel bracket and self-tapping screw from Rothoblass. This type of connection, although simple, will allows an easy dismantlement without damaging the panel. The inside of the panel will be filled with wood fiber batt insulation in order to improve the comfort in winter and summer. Because of this, the building temperature and humidity is constant and gives a comfortable, healthy indoor environment.

Key benefit


Material list

Kerto S
Kerto Q
STEICO Flex 036
Rothoblass Steel bracket
Rothoblass Tapping screw

Ecological values

The reuse of a Tomorrow Panel allows a reduction of 1,58 kgCO2eq per unit of footbridge. One footbridge dimension is 235 mm x 1670 mm.



  • Economical span (mm) 7500
  • Thickness (mm) 254
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties 5.3 R 0.19 U





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