Portal Frame designs for Agricultural buildings


Frame database contains more than 100 different Kerto LVL 3-pin frames drawings, from 10 to 30m span and connected with circular pattern of bolts or dowels. You can select and download whichever fits your project the best. The plans also contain overall dimensions of the frame and its different members, the minimal number of bracings and their position along the rafter; as well as some indications on the column build-up. Basic values of permanent and climatic actions (snow on the ground, wind speed) are provided. Frame selector tool can be accessed via Link below or Prodlib icon in Tools

Key benefit

Large variety of pre-designed frames

Material list

Kerto LVL Q & Kerto LVL S components

Ecological values

Kerto LVL is an environmentally friendly and strong natural product that can be used as a construction material that stores carbon into the buildings.



  • Economical span (mm) 30000
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



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