Tre-Passage Timber


The building is located in an urban dense environment, Berlin. Site is located one of the most dense cities of Europe, Berlin. The building is located inbetween two old buildings and the empty site’s half of it assigned for design purposes since other half is designed a landscape for citizens. Concept of the main design is based on sun rotation and dominant wind direction. Double facade helps to store the heat during winter and create natural ventilation during summer.

Key benefit

Passive heating and cooling strategies for large scale office building which the main structure and claddings are based on standardized Metsa Wood components.

Material list

XL- KERTO LVL Floring 740mm


KERTO LVL Q reglued 250x250 Glassfacade

KERTO LVL S 400X40 Massive Column

KERTO LVL 48-P 400X51 joist

XL KERTO LVL Q Wall Element 480mm

Ecological values

The building is designed according to drop the energy consumption drastically. With passive heating and cooling techniques, the natural ventilation will be created within courtyard and outside of the building. The building is designed in order to be built with prefabricated units like columns, floors and walls. That will ease both the construction process and transportation. At the end, the budget of the project will drop significantly. Building's main structure and the cladding are based on standardized Metsa Wood components. So the carbon footprint of the building is hugely lower than the standard office building. 20 meters of high is accepted as a safe limit for wood construction. Although higher levels are able to be constructed, for the sake of the city's perceptual pleasure and bigness of the building, it's not planned to exceed 20 meters of high which 5 floors. On the top of the building, greenhouses are designed which also aim to support the food consumption which the building will be creating. Also the vegetation on the terraces on the floors are placed in order to reduce the glare that is created when the building have excessive amount of glass on the facades. Moreover, vegetation helps to purify the passing air which will be the case on summers. The inner courtyard is a multi functional area for that space. Passively, it cools the building during summer with creating less heat island effect. During winter it stores the heat and create natural ventilation from street to the river. Socially, the courtyard works as a gathering space and many activities are being able to held in the flexible space. So in all terms, ecologically, economically and socially sustainable environment is aimed.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • Tree passage describes well a modular system. The project is well placed for a single plot of land. It shows the forming process a of building well has good description on that. The idea could be extended by thinking different usages of the created space and how to utilize its flexibility in different kind of lots and atmospheres.


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