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Urban development and population growth in a city will be a new challenge for human being in the future. Natural resources degradation, limited and exploited area, push people to think not only how to live but also how to survive. Knot School is a wooden concept to answer these challenges. With the desire to provide children with an exceptional learning environment that is warm and enriching, architects and designers must balance the reality of limited financial resources with the desire when it comes to designing an educational facility. Warm and friendly interiors, environmentally-friendly materials, long-term energy savings, speedy construction, safe and durable schools—wood provides many advantages for school districts seeking to maximize their facilities budgets. There are 2 level structure. In the ground floor level spaced are designed to be semi-private where classrooms are oriented to the quiet sides of the building. The 2nd level spaces are designed to be more open for socializing, entertaiment, theater, sitting area, and workshop. The school building’s wood material gives it a natural appearance, which is complemented on the inside by colored floors that vary from floor to floor, thus facilitating orientation and promoting children’s identification with their part of the building. Designed by Ilmian Sujatmiko, Reza Hafizh Davidson, Zahra Qurani.

Key benefit

Cost efficient, Experimental, Safe and durable way to design Kindergarten in Urban Setting

Material list

Kerto LVL rib 4.5cm x 26cm wooden roof structure

Kerto lvl S 6.5cm x 15cm & Kerto LVL S 13cm x 13cm wooden structure

Water vapour membrane

Metsa wood spruce polywood 18mm

External & internal wall
Kerto lvl S 6.5cm x 15cm & Kerto LVL S 13cm x 13cm wooden structure

Ground floor
Panel metsa wood spruce plywood 0.5cm with finishing

Metsa wood spruce plywood 0.18cm

Upper ground floor load bearing beam
Kerto LVL S beam 6.5cm x 15cm & kerto LVL frame 5.7cm x 15cm

Toilet wall finishing
Metal stainless-steel construction 10cm x 10cm and metal stainless-stainless finishing 5cm

Toilet floor finishing
Metal stainless-steel panel, thickness 1cm

Massive column
Reglued kerto LVL S component 10cm x 25cm

Reinforced concrete with wood connection 120cm x 120cm x 30cm

Ecological values

Utilising wood and timber as building material is sustainable and eco-friendly, and with specifications and wood characteristics acquired from Metsawood, we are able to determine which products would suitable in our design. As our concept, a kindergarten with plenty of children and adults interacting, playing, running and learning everyday, we want to make sure that the wood products we use is durable and long lasting. Children are curious about their surrounding, we expect children would climb, jump and roll over so we make sure to utilise Kerto LVL which is safe, toxic-free and lightweight yet strong wood to use as our main structural platforms. One of the climate benefit is that, it would be warmer in Autumn and Winter, as wood acts as heat insulation shielding from the colder temperature outdoor.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



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  • The form of the building is nice. It could be improved by thinking different utilization and elementation and modularization.


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