“Office LVL106+2...” represents a research and a play with the Kerto LVL materials. The numbers in the title stand for the ammount of modules existing in the project - and the “+2” part stands for the alien/guest structures that are always welcome within the intervention. The architectural artifact which came as a result of the described process consists of working spaces/offices dedicated for the changing of the cities we're living in, and holds within its character the youthful optimism about that. It is not site specifically conceived for a reason and it can create different urban situations depending on where is placed. In the current case it was chosed a problematic area in the Civic Center of Bucharest – The monumental boulevard that has its point of terminus at one of the most problematic architecture pieces known in the urban history: The House of the People. The gesture of occupying the main street rests on the collective need and desire for an open place for the pedestrians and for filling the street that split the city in two different parts since the mid ‘80s and initiating a debate/conflict on the future of the city. All this with a small wooden laboratory (with a large square garden around it) located between concrete blocks build by the dictator itself. The proposed structure is not a finite one, it will be always in changing – because of the flexibility of the modules (as the city, of course). The current spatial situation suggested represents a 3 storied building with balconies around it and with round structure that witholds the roofing. The upper parts can be tall working spaces or divided in duplex system. It is recommended that users will define the dimensions of the interior spaces. The facade wall can have two options as well depending on the lightning around and also the type of module needed- it can be with a singular round window or a full glassfacade. The current image represents a modest scenario on which the 3 different modules provided would work but its dimension and shape (higher or just longer etc.) can vary depending on the requirements.

Key benefit

Experiential (playful) / Elementariness / Sustainable / Boundless.

Material list

Elementary elements //
- Kerto S
- Kerto T
- Kerto Q
- Kerto LVL Qp

Composite elements //
- Kerto S-36 Column / Reglued Kerto-S 360x360mm (8 pcs of 360x45mm)
- LVL Exterior wall stud – 340mm
- Interior Kerto-T Stud Wall – 92mm
- LVL Kerto-S Lintel – 45x460mm
- Floor beam / joist – 350mm
- Roof rafter Kerto LVL Qp – 700mm (round system)
- Kerto-Q Door core
- Kerto LVL Glassfacade – 300mm

Ecological values

The main part of the intervention consists of using almost just Kerto LVL elements which show a thoughtful attitude towards the environment and the way of building currently. It is also a socio-ecological impact that an architectural artifact built with wood in the middle of a concrete urban ocean.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



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  • Good approach when thinking different usages of space. To improve it could be tough how this system fits to different kind of areas.


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