L-shaped summer as head plate


In most cases we use l-shaped summers made from LVL as head plates of timber frame walls. For that we have an easy to produce construction for the bearing of the ceiling on the wall. For ceiling you can use HBV (timber-conrete-composite), CLT-elements or over plane floor constructions.

Key benefit

material efficiency; easy to produce construction for bearing of any kind of ceiling; simple constrution for air-tight connection; no thermal bridge at the connection of ceiling and wall; prefabrication of the building components is possible

Material list

normal timber frame wall : structural timber for sole plate and frame construction, LVL (for example: Kerto Q) as l-shaped head plate of the wall
floor : HBV-ceiling (timber-concrete-composite-ceiling), CLT-ceiling or others

Ecological values

optimal use of materials; no thermal bridge at the connection of ceiling and wall



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • A very efficient way to use LVL as a ledge to support the floor slabs. Dependent on size, the ledge beam is also acting as a lintel for openings. Very elegant.


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