RE-CODING Smart Building


"Re-coding Smart building" is a renovation of an existing four-storey moderated damaged building located in a sub-urban area in Damascus, Syria Today’s Smart Global Technology are enhancing the world to visualize the future of post-war smart cities in terms of sustainability and self-sufficiency . We attempt to examine the natural ecological values in this regard ,and define these values generally as the level of benefits that the space, water, sun, vegetation , eco recycling, sustainable materials ,social activities, and all other factors that make up natural ecosystems provided to support affected buildings as a core vital system. The aim of the design is to make an intervention aiming to regenerate life and power can be adapted to a destructed mixed use building located in an effected area in Suburban of Damascus Syria. Forming a full integrated system considering destructed structural elements such as columns ,floors, stairs using sustainable renewed materials like Kerto LVL, brick and Low E glass, while maintaining the elements which are in a good status ,In addition half of the building columns where highly damaged we had to replace them with Kerto-S LVL columns. This systems studied and considered the urgent need for a fast, green, social solution that develop the aspect of agricultural investment to support affected inhabitants and neighborhoods. The Concept is to create a vital core to complete the destruction forming a semi- private courtyard as the lung of the building developing passive traditional systems into new sustainable ecological system in the form of overlapping slabs that achieve a new vision of “Co- Living” giving copious amenities for residents, including public green areas, a vegetable garden, green roof, physical activity zones and relaxation spaces.These slabs are made of kerto LVL properties of its long span, flexibility and carbon storage, they are prefabricated slabs (mastaba) made with kerto-T supported by Kerto LVL L- System, these self-sufficient slabs provides the apartments with natural ventilation, energy production by smart piezoelectric technology ,it is divided to three types based on inhabitants privacy as Private ,Semi-private and public slabs each with a different function. This System can form a Green Vital Core to support divested neighborhoods resulting in a very cost effective and much more sustainable post-war redevelopment which can be applied repetitively and integrate with time and people. Designed By: Reparametrize Studio Team: Mhd Ziwar Al Nouri Bilal Baghdadi Mohammad Jumaa Mohammad AlGhamry Zeina orfali Sara Faraon Jumana Ziadeh

Key benefit

Creating a smart sustainable system that can be applied to any damaged building during war

Material list

Structural: Kerto-S columns (400mmX400mm) , courtyard structure: kerto –Qp L- System
Cladding: Kerto-S frames for façade cladding (900x3000mm) ,brick (200X100X500mm) Low E-glass for windows
Insulation: Basalt (1mm)

Ecological values

low energy building, Reduce 50% of CO2 emission by using Kerto LVL, (carbon storage~160,000 KG), outdoor ecological system that provides healthy indoor environments.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • This Hybrid City Competition entry is a renovation idea, especially where structure is severely damaged by explosives. The entry has aspects of "City above the City" with its potential extensions on repaired structures. The focus lies on the main part of the columns and an extension upwards to increase the living space in war damaged cities relatively quickly. Light weight construction material and ease of machining with hand tools are the driver of this idea and Kerto-LVL is leaning itself as a good material choice.


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