Hybrid solution - DELTABEAM® with Timber Slim Floor Solution


Buildings users need is to create effective and economical room design with long spans. Hybrid solution combines different building materials to provide the best solution for these end users of building. DELTABEAM® enables open spaces and slim floors with timber slabs. BENEFITS OF USING DELTABEAM® WITH WOODEN SLABS DELTABEAM® allow: - Architectural freedom - Open spaces with minimum columns - Smooth ceiling allows straight and easy HVAC installations - Flexible layout and floor plan over the entire life cycle of the building - Integrated fireproofing - Fast and safe erection process

Key benefit

Long span, Open space, Slim Floor, Intgrated fireproofing, Ease technical installations

Material list

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Ecological values

Less cubic meters in building for lower operational costs Long spans with optimal and flexible space design Less materials used for building vertical constructions Circular steel can be used by DELTABEAM® Green to lighten CO2 emissions Circular components can be used in beams and slabs Slim floor buildings require less cladding for the same usable interior volume, which in turn reduces heating and cooling energy consumption. All the space saved between floors reduces the amount of vertical components needed, such as cladding, columns, walls, elevator and stair shafts, pipes, and ducts. DELTABEAM® Composite Beam allows combining a renewable and ecological material, wood, with two of the strongest materials, steel and concrete. DELTABEAM® is an excellent solution for creating a slim floor structure with wooden slabs. Typically, the DELTABEAM® wood composite reduces total floor thickness between 10 to 30 percent. DELTABEAM® allows long spans so you don't have to compromise on architectural freedom. The beams are not visible as they are integrated in the slabs. This leads to smooth ceilings, which enables additional room height and easier technical installations. Additionally, fireproofing is already integrated into the DELTABEAM®, eliminating the need for a complex fire painting on-site. DELTABEAM® can be also used with wooden columns.



  • Economical span (mm) 10000
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class 180 R
  • Thermal properties



  • A top idea to the recurring question of ceiling elements with large spans, lightweight and fire protection requirements in multi-storey buildings.
  • Yes...a clever combination, where each material collaborates to compensate the weaknesses of others. I especially think to concrete preventing the instability of thin steel parts. A question about the connection of massive panels: is the supporting bottom flange pre-drilled? Thanks for sharing.
  • This is a very good combination of material: concrete, steel and engineered timber. Having both solid timber panels like Kerto-Q or Kerto stress skin panels as an option is a sustainable addition to the hybrid beam. This makes it a fully hybrid structure.


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