Four large Kerto LVL-panels (39mm thickness, width 2.5 meters, and length 15 meters) are connected into one large panel with a height of 4.2 meters and length 15 meters. 4 large Kerto LVL-panels (2.5mx15m) are previously cut, connected together into 2 layers (each layer has the opposite angle of the grain direction) and glued together. Another option is the one-layer panel where the pieces are connected with additional metal connectors. The designed panel can take horizontal and vertical loads and has racking resistance. The angular pattern of the cut elements and 2 layers strengthen the designed panel and allow to create interesting patterns of the designed walls.

Key benefit

Strength of the panel, modular, ecological, efficient use of the Kerto LVL panels

Material list

4 (2) panels of the Kerto LVL (39mm thick x 2.5mx15m), glue, metal connectors (optional)

Ecological values

Efficient use of the Kerto LVL panels, sustainable



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • This obviously allows higher wall heights! I got some reserve on the precision of the diagonals cuts that would be required so that at the end of the process, a planning operation of the big panel edges is avoided. Have you checked whether the waste is sensitive to the openings in the panel?
  • The is a very simple way of connecting, as the panels are cross glued together. From the cutting pattern it looks like there is no waste except for the shavings from the saw itself. A small question remains, as the panel is cut diagonally: The angle determines the strength of the panel.


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