A large panel with a height of 4.2 meters and length 15 meters is made of the Kerto® LVL-panels (width 2.5 meters and length 15 meters). The designed element efficiently uses the prefabricated panels with excess waste in the amount of the 12% that can be further used for other panels of the lower height of 3.1 meters. The process of production of the designed element: 1. Two large Kerto® LVL-panels (2.5mx15m) are previously cut according to the wedge pattern with the locking element of the structure 2. One panel is placed over the other one and glued together. 3. The locking elements of the structure in the shape of the rectangular (square) pieces of Kerto LVL (75mmx75mmx75mm) are placed into the created holes. The traditional method of the wedge timber joints with the locking elements is reinterpreted in the Kerto LVL panels connections. The designed panel can take horizontal and vertical loads and has racking resistance.

Key benefit

Efficient use of the Kerto LVL panels, strength of the panel, modular and ecological

Material list

2 panels of the Kerto LVL (2.5mx15m), glue

Ecological values

Efficient use of the Kerto LVL panels, fast mounting, sustainable



  • Economical span (mm) 15000
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • This connection is quite clever how it uses the various angles to allow for a connection and then block it with a small wedge. A very traditional way how timber elements have been connected in the past is applied to a modern engineered wood product like Kerto-LVL. The fine detail of the connection requires some more input from a specialist in timber machining, but the principle is very good.


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