Assemble EASA 2018


A study of Belfast called the ‘Missing City Map’ marked the vacant sites of central Belfast in 2009. What it shows is a shrinking city – A city that in 1950 had 470,000 people, significantly more than the 270,000 today, with the population projected to shrink further. The many vacant sites within the town centre are encouraging people to relocate to the suburbs, further removing consistent active life from the city. Between a Victorian, and a Georgian terrace, Re: Assemble seeks to re fill the vacant site on Crescent Gardens with easy to assemble, attractive housing units. The scheme provides easy to afford, well designed townhouses for young families or young professionals to encourage the sense of community within the city centre. The prefabricated modules mimic the narrative of the Belfast terrace. With a reduced footprint, the opportunity to add additional floors to maximise the potential of a site without compromising the aesthetic. The modules have the ability to be stacked in various configurations to suit user requirement, and the catalogue of window openings and panels provide the opportunity to personalise each townhouse according to preference. The prefabricated design approach means the modules can be easily reproduced and positioned on various sites.

Key benefit

Attractive, Affordable Adaptable

Material list

Kerto LVL Q Panel
Kerto LVL T Stud

Ecological values

To implement ecological strategies that enhance design: Ecological Value. 1) Recessed windows reduce solar gain in summer 2) Recessed windows funnel in winter sun and a year natural daylight 3) Geothermal boreholes within gardensprovide energy for efficient underfloor heating 4) Openable windows draw in fresh air 5) Openings to the front and back of each unit encourage natural cross ventilation 6) All gardens receive south facing sunlight 7) Site layout and recessed window panels alow for daylight throughout the day whilst providing effective shading and privacy. 8) Additional planting throughout the site encourages wildlife. 9) All timbers locally sourced where possible 10) Water Plan: Low use appliances



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • The design allows for more light to get into the building. The use of LVL in the structure gives the builder and the end user reassurance it is exact and precise from the plans to the execution, as the material does not move as much as cut timber. This is due to the control of moisture content in LVL. During the production of Kerto the moisture content reduces to less than the moisture content when it is built in and in use.
  • Utilizes well the elements for wall & floor elements.
  • Efficient use of Kerto-Q and T. Structural concept is simple and clear, which generates cost savings.


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