Modular Multi-storey Student accomodation, cafe, library


The purpose of my proposed structure was chosen to become a fast, easy-build, light construction method for this student accommodation, especially suited for off-site construction – to meet the demands of the crisis. This prototype, or perhaps typology does not necessarily have to be catered to the given site as it can be copied and inserted into any gap of the city fabric – multiplied and easily injected into any small areas like an acupunctured eco-friendly housing typology.

Key benefit

EASA - 2018

Material list

Open Source Wood Elements within the design:
Staircase: Kerto – Q 69/75mm sidewall / painted
Floor Joins: Kerto – S Joists 45mm x260mm – 350mm depth
External Wall Elements: XL Kerto – Q LVL 2.9m (h) x 438mm depth
Top Roof Load Bearing: RIPA Roof Element 500mm depth – 16mm long span
Columns: Massive Column 400mm x400mm
Non-Load Bearing Walls: Interior Wall stud – Kerto – T 45mm x66mm c/c 600mm
Lintels to be included in the thickness of the walls – Kerto – S 2.5m length

Ecological values

The form: the simple shape developed from the structural grid that defines the entire composition, which determines details ranging from the position of the railings to the window openings. This modest, environmentally friendly organization strategy allows for great freedom in configuring the mixed-use program and affords scope for future redevelopment: the typologies can readily be altered. Walls can be simply added or removed. Diversity and nuance are introduced by varying the materials within each unit, however to be fully environmentally friendly, all materials are organic, and wood based with 100% Open Source Wood construction structure. The ground: the Open Source Wood columns forms a robust yet permeable plinth. It is articulated as a vast continuous covered base-level and brings together a range of different collective activities related to the small library and café. Optimization, an interest in the economic use of space and generous proportions are the hallmarks governing the design and defining the project’s identity. Top Roof Garden: a shared garden forms a spatial reference point, providing panoramic views and a breath of fresh air, and serving as a meeting place, not only open to the students, but the locals too.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB)
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties



  • It appears as an efficient answer to a well-defined and precise problem (urbanism, targetd population), at a city-scale level. This evaluation of constraining environment sounds realistic, and slected OSW components fit the needs.
  • A good example how best to use Kerto for its strength, being light at the same time. The concept is targeted at already urbanized areas, where ground conditions might not allow heavy foundations/buildings. The modular character of the structure lends itself to Kerto elements.


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