TINY HOUSE - M4 Living big in a small space


TINY HOUSE for a minimalistic lifestyle or scaling down from a larger house into a smaller and smarter one is a perfect solution with this proposal - M4. The prefabricated TINY HOUSE is a limited blueprint building sitting on a 25 m2 space. The structure comprises of four main modules which are deliberately designed to accommodate a kitchen/dining, living, sleeping and sanitary areas. This project is purposely tailored to accommodate two persons comfortably and could be easily expanded to meet further wishes and it also serve as a platform to strengthen and explain the importance of building with Kerto LVL wood and modular systems. Without site specificity, the TINY HOUSE showcases the possibilities of living big in a small space with great comfort. Further, it acts as a strategy to reduce the human footprint on the environment and save energy as well. The eco-friendly design proposal sits on just six reinforced concrete footings to elevate it from moisture. Air flow below the structure allows the building to remain cold during the summer and in winter hinders any accumulation of condensed water within the building. The deliberate design with an extra ceiling helps to create enough head room for living/kitchen areas and further ensures the penetration of sunlight into the building. Compact living space with enough daylight connects the interior structure to the outdoor. Hanging lights on the interior strengthens the brightness of the building particularly at night. As a design statement of the panels, it is suggested to have them prefabricated together with the door and window fittings in order to speed up the construction process. Space for the kitchen/dining is designed without interfering with the living space activities. The wooden interior helps to reduce any painting cost of the building. Due to the limited blueprint of the building area, space saving design ideas are reflected on the furniture disposition with full height sliding doors. In other words, furniture for this project are crafted with space saving design ideas to transform the interior of the building to a larger space. A Porch is provided to maximize the outdoor living space and the creation of relaxation space during the summer periods. Rain water harvesting possibilities and the provision of simple water tanks is envisaged in the design.

Key benefit

A platform to exhibite wood and modular construction systems as a building alternative that tackles climate change

Material list

Roof elements from top
- Roofing material
- Breathing membrane
- Kerto Q LVL Panels
- Finnjoist FJI
Thermal insulation mineral wool
- Vapour barrier
- Fermacell plasterboard

Wall elements from out
- Kerto-Q closure panel
- Leno
- Thermal insulation mineral wool
- Finnjoist FJI
- Kerto-Q closure panel
- F30-B Fire rated plasterboard

Floor Elements from top
- Fermacell floor screed
- Mineral fibre impact sound insulation
- Fermacell Lime Splitter Floor Screed
- Kerto-Ripa Intermediate Floor Elements
- Spring rail
- Fermacell plasterboard

Ecological values

A platform that provides a cheaper alternative means in spending quality vacations in a Tiny House than expensive hotels. With the provision of wood and modular construction systems, value is added in tacklying climate change.



  • Economical span (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Airbourne sound reduction factor (dB)
  • Impact sound transmission (dB) 38
  • Resistance to fire class
  • Thermal properties 10 R 0.1 U



Filename Size


  • A well thought-out concept with regard to todays and all manifold requirements in "building with wood". Small and fine, but still without restriction to comfort. It would be wishful, when the project development goes ahead.
  • I agree, it looks optimized on many aspects: prefabrication possibilities, use of space, impact on the ground, definition od living spaces, structure, transport... Could you find any partner to build a prototype? It would be a great step.
  • A very effective use of space. With Kerto-Q wall and roof elements TINY HOUSE can be constructed on a small footprint and delivered on one truck.


Operation In Progress, Please Wait!!!